Good health through prevention, learning to prevent ill health through balanced daily and seasonal routines, proper diet, and development of higher states of consciousness all of which bring life increasingly into harmony with natural law.

Success without stress, meditating and undertaking yoga will reduce depression and anxiety and will lead to a stress free life that will enhance the family life by improving warm interpersonal relationship and improve productivity at work

Also Increased physical health and longevity in elderly.

Decreased urban crime rate and effective rehabilitation.

Facilitate nerve pruning and rejuvenating the nerves affected by stress.

Self-actualization will increase the reserves of the brain and improve the perception and memory. This also adapts the body by channeling the energy.

Biologically and physiologically, the subconscious human brain is similar to the animal brain. It runs on preset patterns. The higher layer of brain tissue available to humans is the conscious brain, which provides the realization to free will and choice. If this higher faculty is not used to become more conscious of the higher aspects of life, it is taken away in the next lifetime.

Karmically, to have animals killed en mass in slaughter houses creates such heavy Karma that it is paid by having humans slaughtered en mass in wars.

Killing plants vegetables also is an act creating Karma. The protection from the reaction comes by offering those vegetables to the Supreme Person with love. Then the reaction (karmic) to the act is eliminated.
Yoga has Been A Part of india's ethos. But it is only recently that the mind body and soul-enhancing benefits of yoga have made it a global phenomenon. In India, Yoga has grown in sophistication.

Rejuvenates the body by deep relaxation and naturally slows the ageing process.

Long term out come would translate into lower health insurance utilization rates, amounting to fewer hospital days, inpatients days, inpatient admission, Out patient visits in all age categories leading to low health cost.

Diet and nutrition- it determining ones diet based on ones physiology and season, promoting optimal nourishment and balanced diet.

Enhances the creative intelligence of persons practicing yoga and meditation.

Increase time competence and increased ability to concentrate on ones work.

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